Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Birds of Prey

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Thanks for all the nice e-mails I received on what type of  hawk is in the picture of my previous installment.  These guys can really be tough to figure out.  They tend to look very similar, so we have to look at the details.  So, more images would be nice, right?  I took 61 pictures of these visitors (there were two birds, one of them staying up in a tree).   So, as I went through the rest of the pictures I found the one you see at the top.  The hawk in the previous image is now slightly below the new hawk you see here.  As you can see, the main difference is the bars on the breast versus the streaks on the other.  I was suspicious that the lower bird was an Immature Red-shouldered Hawk, so when I saw the image of the other bird, it confirmed it.  The bars on this bird are on an adult Red-shouldered Hawk.

Take a look at these really nice images of Red-shouldered Hawks taken by Raul Quinones and you'll see the resemblance is very good: Red-shouldered Hawk by Raul Quinones

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