Monday, May 2, 2011

Bird of Prey

Click on Image for a Larger View

I spotted this beautiful bird of prey perching on my satellite dish, scanning my backyard for a juicy rodent I'm sure.  I quickly grabbed my Canon camera, put my 300mm lens on it and took this picture.  I'm pleasantly surprised at the nice quality of the image, considering I was shooting the lens hand held, through a plate glass door and leaves from a foreground bush.  I did help to keep it steady by turning the image stabilizer on and shooting at 1/2000 of a second.  I also leaned the front of the lens against the plate glass.  A few mintes later, it flew to a nearby tree, but then flew back down to the lawn.  I think he was looking for moles, because I know I have lots of mole hills in my yard.

I think I know what type of hawk this guy is, but I'm not sure.  Let me know what you think it is.


  1. I don't know, Tom, but it looks kind of small like that Chicken Hawk from the Looney Tunes Cartoons.

    Annie Reid

  2. Hi Annie: The picture is a little miss-leading. The satellite dish the hawk is standing on is 20" high, so by roughly using that as a comparison, this bird is almost that tall. No "Chicken Little".