Friday, January 1, 2010

Winter Landscapes

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Happy New Year everyone!  I never would have thought 2010 would have come this quick, but here it is.  I got up early this morning, unusual for me, and thought I'd put up a few of my Winter images.  Even though there is plenty of snow outside, these are from the past because I have been really lazy and haven't picked up my camera for quite a while.  I'll have to change that.

The top image is from my backyard deck where we enjoy the company of many birds.  This was taken with my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix, back in 2004.  I still have this wonderful camera.  It brought me into the world of instant picture gratification.

The second picture is also with the Coolpix and in my backyard back in 2004.  The limbs flow across the picture like it wants to fly to a warmer climate.

With my then new Canon 300, the Kansas City area had a huge ice storm.  This wonderful winter wonderland was in Loose Park, a place I love to visit with my camera.  I had the honor  of it being published in the Kansas City Star newspaper.

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