Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Atmospheric Phenomenon

Click on image for a larger view
Good friend Scott Kranz sent me this wonderful picture of a very nice Halo, Sundog and Tangent Arc.  The halo is usually a complete circle around the Sun.  The sundog is connected to the halo on the right side (just above the roof) and the tangent arc is at the top of the halo.  The tangent arc is "gull wing" shaped and everything is created by the play of sunlight on ice crystals.  Along with the atmospheric phenomenon, Scott captured some really nice high cirrus clouds shaped into arcs by the wind.  He took the picture a couple of weeks ago while vacationing with his family at Disney World in Florida.  To see a computer simulation of the various halos and arcs go here: then browse the fantastic images throughout this website.

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