Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sky-Wide Rays

Click on image for a larger version
Today, I was honored with the "Optics Picture Of The Day". The above picture is a part of the event I photographed during a star party that my local club, the Astronomical Society of Kansas City, was holding out away from the bright city lights. The picture shows crepuscular rays extending away from the setting sun. Crepuscular rays are nothing special in themselves, however, when the rays extend clear across the sky (180 degrees), that is a "Kodak moment". Les Cowley, the webmaster of "Atmospheric Optics" is using the fisheye images I made of the event. The picture is changed every day, so you may not see my image if you click on this link on a day other than today: so use this permanent link instead:
Make sure and click on the various links in the text to see explanations of what causes these rays. Also, be sure to look and read about all the fascinating optical events going on above our heads:

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